Commerical Gas Fryer


Gas Fryer GF-181 / GF-182: Commercial gas auto temperature-controlled fryer with single-cylinder ,suitable for fritters, skewers, French fries, French fries.

All Stainless Steel Construction which is durable and rugged, Thickened stainless steel blade. Highly-efficient and quiet this equipment is calibrated accurately to ensure  low power vibrationand Energy Saving

Scope of Application: Leisure fast food equipment, tea restaurant equipment, bakery equipment, cake room equipment, food shop equipment,
beverage shop equipment.

Size : 340 x 615 x 630 MM  – Millimetres

13.4″ x 24.2″ x 24.8″ –  Inches

Net Weight: 22KG

Pressure: 2800 Pa

Gas: LPG