Frigidaire Professional Dishwasher FPID2498F9A


FRIGIDAIRE FPID2498F9A 24″ Professional Built-In Dishwasher with EvenDry™ System STAINLESS STEEL

EvenDry™ for surefire drying

SpacePro™ Organization System contains an extra rack for utensils and miscellaneous items

PrecisionPro Wash Zones™ prioritizes the hardest-to-clean dishes

Green and blue LED Floor Beam Indicators show you when your dishes are washing and when they’re done

Removable stainless-steel filter ensures the circulating water is fresh and clean

Efficiently cleans a full load with 15% less water

Foldable rack dividers allow you to fit variably sized pots, pans, dishes, and glassware

Smudge-Proof™ Stainless steel façade

OrbitClean® Wash System quadruples water distribution for a guaranteed clean

Features multiple cycle options for loads large and small, lightly dirtied, and baked on

ENERGY STAR® certified

Remarkable Dry

Dishes come out remarkably dry every time with EvenDry™.

A Place for Everything

Experience the ultimate flexibility of the SpacePro™ Organization System. The third rack offers easy access and fits small cooking utensils, while the second rack adjusts to fit tall pots and pans.

Cleans Hard-to-Reach Spots

Clean hard-to-reach spots with our PrecisionPro Wash Zones™ that target tough spots for the ultimate clean.

Powerful Clean, Fast

Get a powerful clean, fast with the best 30-minute clean.

Status Indicator Floor Beams

Convenient LED Floor Beam Indicators illuminate the floor with a blue light when your dishes are washing and a green light when they are clean.

Consistent Cleaning Performance

For a consistent, reliable clean, our dishwasher has a removable stainless steel filter that prevents re-depositing of food particles.

Efficient Water Usage

Cleans a full load of dishes using 15% less water.

Flexible Upper-Rack

Clean a variety of dishes with foldable tines to fit larger items like pots and pans and stemware holders to secure wine glasses.

Multiple Cycle Options

Features a variety of cleaning solutions like Sanitize to help kill germs, Rinse Only to keep food from sticking to plates, and PowerPlus™ to clean crusty dishes with dried-on food.


Height (in): 33 3/4″

Width (in): 23 3/4″

Depth (in): 24 1/4″